Bands who were playing concerts at Badehaus in Berlin and I’ve photographed there:

2023: Schimmerling, Charly Klauser, Takida, Mid City, The Sprees, John Coffey, Kolari, Matze Rossi, Northcote, Chris Cresswell

2022: Kmpfsprt, Illegale Farben, Flash Forward, Me On Monday, Hi! Spencer, Jack Pott

2021: Please Madame, Philemic, Skywalker, Ghost Iris, Royalist, Dead Phoenix, Dead Thumbs

2019: Mercy Union, Finding Kelly Fornia

2015: Andreas Moe

About Badehaus:

Adresse :  Revaler Strasse 99, (at RAW area), 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain)

> How to get there (Approach)

Capacity / Kapazität : 250

Also know as: Badehaus Szimpla

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Photo gallery: