Concert Photography​

A professional photographer for your concert?!

Concert photography is more than just capturing an act on stage.

Very often it involves taking pictures in a noisy environment also in smoke or low light scenario. Obstructions can also be an issue along with extremely diversified lighting which requires a good knowledge of light composition.

In no other type of photography timing is so important. Take that one emotion or the highlight of a jump, the interaction between musicians and audience or the utmost concentration at that one note. A lot happens on stage. My expertise is capturing the perfect moments.

Whether it’s an intimate club show or a stadium concert for 50.000 fans; every performance is another unique experience. I know how to preserve the vibe and the atmosphere.

This is perfect for a visually stunning reportage that can be used as a retrospective for the fans or promotional purposes for the artist, venue, concert promoter and other parties.

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes at Bi Nuu, Berlin (2018)
Dropkick Murphys at Sporthalle, Hamburg (2020)
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