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The singer songwriter Faber from Switzerland played a picnic concert at Marienpark
The scottish band Cold Years released their first album “Paradise” some days
The scottish band Cold Years played a concert at Schroedingers in Hamburg.
The Berlin band Vizediktator played a “Fensterkonzert” at Ramones Museum in Berlin,
One year ago today, Vainstream Rockfest in Münster took place the 14th
The pop rock band Revolverheld played a drive-in concert in Schönefeld, closed
Last friday, the Berlin band Vizediktator played another sold out concert at
Last thursday, the scottish band 13 Crowes who recently released their second
Yesterday, the Berlin band Vizediktator played a sold out concert at Schokoladen
Yesterday, the German band Itchy celebrated their new album “Ja Als Ob”

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