Mina Richmann at FluxBau, Berlin (2024)

MINA RICHMANN, ENNO BUNGER • FluxBau • Berlin [22.05.2024]

Mina Richmann at FluxBau, Berlin (2024)

Mina Richmann at FluxBau, Berlin (2024)

May 22, 2024 was the start of this year’s FluxFM Bergfeste. Every Wednesday, the Berlin radio station celebrates a midweek party with great acts, delicious street food and cool drinks. All free of charge and with a fantastic view of the Spree – to be found at FluxBau in Berlin.
Musician Enno Bunger and singer Mina Richmann were guests at the first edition.

  • Location: FluxBau, Berlin
  • Date: 22. May 2024
  • Promotor: FluxFM

Enno Bunger

More photos you can see on Flickr!

Mina Richmann

More photos you can see on Flickr!

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Were you there at FluxBau in Berlin for this great festival? Have you seen Enno Bunger or Mina Richmann perform live somewhere else before? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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