DONOTS, ANTI FLAG, ITCHY ♦ Columbiahalle ♦ Berlin

Donots celebrated their 25. birthday with five concerts. One of them was at Columbiahalle in Berlin. Anti-Flag and Itchy were the support acts at show [26.04.2019].


  • Genre: pop rock
  • Band members: Sibbi (Sebastian Hafner), Panzer (Daniel Friedl), Max (Max Zimmer)
  • Hometown: Eislingen
  • Official website


  • Genre: punk rock
  • Band members: Justin Sane (Justin Geever), Chris #2 (Chris Barker), Pat Thetic (Patrick Bollinger), Chris Head
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh
  • Official website


  • Genre: alternative rock
  • Band members: Ingo Knollmann, Guido Knollmann, Alex Siedenbiedel, Jan-Dirk Poggemann, Eike Herwig
  • Hometown: Ibbenbüren
  • Official website

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