Bilbao at Waschhaus, Potsdam (2024)

AKZEPTANZFESTIVAL • Waschhaus • Potsdam [11.05.2024]

Bilbao at Waschhaus, Potsdam (2024)

Fheels at Waschhaus, Potsdam (2024)

Kaffkiez at Waschhaus, Potsdam (2024)

Milliarden at Waschhaus, Potsdam (2024)

The Akzeptanzfestival invited people with and without disabilities to celebrate together. Dance together to good music, get into conversation and broaden your horizons – for inclusive togetherness. And on Saturday, Kaffkiez, Milliarden, Bilbao and Fheels performed.

  • Location: Waschhaus, Potsdam
  • Date: 11. May 2024



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Milliarden during Akzeptanzfestival

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More photos in Flickr!

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Were you there at Waschhaus in Potsdam for this great festival? Have you seen Kaffkiez, Milliarden, Bilbao or Fheels perform live somewhere else before? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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