Dropkick Murphys at Vainstream Rockfest, Münster (2019)

VAINSTREAM ROCKFEST 2019 ♦ Hawerkamp ♦ Münster

Flogging Molly at Vainstream Rockfest, Münster (2019)

Flogging Molly

Architects at Vainstream Rockfest, Münster (2019)


Our Last Night at Vainstream Rockfest, Münster (2019)

Our Last Night

Vainstream Rockfest, Münster (2019)


Vainstream Rockfest in Münster took place the 14th time. 16.000 visitors and 30 bands celebrated in the Hawerkamp, it will be remembered. Once again because of the high temperatures, but even more because of exuberant mood.

The dominant theme on Saturday, as becomes clear early on, is water. Almost incessantly, water is pumped from a large water hose onto the audience in front of the stage, and not far away there is a great deal of activity at one of the free drinking water stations. Many guests apparently take seriously the organizer’s advice not to overdo it with alcohol in temperatures of over 30 degrees. This is probably one of the reasons why the 14th edition of the festival, which was once born out of necessity and is now an integral part of the rock calendar, can become the exuberant party to which remarkable concerts contribute.

  • Location: Hawerkamp, Münster
  • Date: 29. June 2019
  • Promotor: Kingstar

As It Is during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: pop punk
  • Band members: Patty Walters, Benjamin Langford-Biss, Alistair Testo, Patrick Foley, Ronnie Ish
  • Hometown: Brighton, England
  • Label/Management: Fearless Records
  • Official website

First Blood during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: hardcore
  • Band members: Carl Schwartz, Manuel Peralez, Kyle Dixon, Danny Payne, Rhett Hornberger
  • Hometown: San Francisco, USA
  • Label/Management: Kingstar
  • Official website

State Champs during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: pop punk
  • Band members: Derek DiScanio, Tyler Szalkowski, Ryan Scott Graham, Tony Diaz, Evan Ambrosio
  • Hometown: Albany, New York, USA
  • Label/Management: Kingstar
  • Official website

Adam Angst during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: rock
  • Band members: Felix Schönfuss (singing), Christian Kruse (bass), Roman Hartmann (guitar), Johannes Koster (drums), David Frings (guitar)
  • Hometown: around Cologne, Germany
  • Label/Management: Grand Hotel van Cleef, Sparta Booking
  • Official website

Whitechapel during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: Deathcore
  • Band members: Phil Bozeman, Ben Savage, Alex Wade, Zach Householder, Gabe Crisp, Alex Rüdinger
  • Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Label/Management: Metal Blade Records
  • Official website

Our Last Night during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: metalcore
  • Band members: Matt Wentworth, Trevor Wentworth, Alex Woodrow, Tim Molloy
  • Hometown: Hollis, New Hampshire
  • Label/Management: Epitaph Records
  • Official website

While She Sleeps during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: metalcore
  • Band members: Mat Welsh, Aaran Mckenzie, Adam Savage, Sean Long
  • Hometown: Sheffield, UK
  • Label/Management: Search and Destroy Records, Arising Empire, Spinefarm Records
  • Official website

Eskimo Callboy during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: trancecore, post hardcore
  • Band members: Sushi, Kevin Ratajczak, David Friedrich, Daniel Haniß, Pascal Schillo
  • Hometown: Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
  • Label/Management: Century Media, Airforce1 Records, Redfield Records
  • Official website

Trivium during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: heavy metal
  • Band members: Matthew Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, Alex Bent, Paolo Gregoletto
  • Hometown: Orlando, Florida
  • Label/Management: Roadrunner Records, Lifeforce Records
  • Official website

Beartooth during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: hardcore punk
  • Band members: Caleb Shomo, Oshie Bichar, Connor Denis, Zach Huston, Kamron Bradbury
  • Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
  • Label/Management: Red Bull Records
  • Official website

Feine Sahne Fischfilet during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: punk, indie rock
  • Band members: Jan Gorkow, Christoph Sell, Kai Irrgang, Olaf Ney, Jacobus North, Max Bobzin
  • Hometown: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
  • Label/Management: Audiolith
  • Official website

Flogging Molly during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: folk rock
  • Band members: Dave King, Bridget Regan, Matt Hensley, Dennis Casey, Mike Alonso, Matthew Hensley
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, USA
  • Label/Management: Burning Heart Records, SideOneDummy
  • Official website

Donots during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: alternative rock
  • Band members: Ingo Knollmann, Guido Knollmann, Alex Siedenbiedel, Jan-Dirk Poggemann, Eike Herwig
  • Hometown: Ibbenbüren, Germany
  • Label/Management: Vertigo, Solitary Man Records, KKT
  • Official website

Architects during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: rock
  • Band members: Tom Searle, Sam Carter, Josh Middleton, Dan Searle, Adam Christianson
  • Hometown: Brightron, UK
  • Label/Management: Century Media Records, Epitaph Records, Century Media
  • Official website

Dropkick Murphys during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: punk rock, folk rock
  • Band members: Al Barr, Tim Brennan, Ken Casey, Jeff DaRosa, Matt Kelly, James Lynch
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Label/Management: Born & Bred Records, Solitary Man Records, HellCat Records, Taang!, Dew Process
  • Official website

Booze & Glory during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: Oi!
  • Band members: Mark Booze, Liam Booze, Tommy Storback, Mario Booze, Bart Booze
  • Hometown: London, England
  • Label/Management: Contra Records, Bad Look Records, Step-1 Music, Contra Records, Randale Records, Pirates Press Records
  • Official website

Skinny Lister during Vainstream Rockfest

  • Genre: Folk Rock
  • Band members: Lorna Thomas, Daniel Heptinstall, Thom Mills, Sam Brace, Maxwell Thomas
  • Hometown: London, England
  • Label/Management: Xtra Mile Recordings, Imperial Music, Sunday Best Recordings, Side One Dummy, Uncle Owen
  • Official website

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