WELSHLY ARMS, GRIT ♦ Frannz Club ♦ Berlin

Welshly Arms at Frannz Club, Berlin (2017)

Yesterday, the blues rock band Welshly Arms from Cleveland played a concert at Frannz Club in Berlin. Grit from Paris supported them.

  • Location: Frannz Club, Berlin
  • Date: 23.09.2017
  • Promotor: Trinity Music, Live Nation


  • Genre: alternative rock
  • Band members: Marcus Linon (guitar & vocals), Jad El Alam (guitar & vocals), Zack Larbi (bass & vocals), Lylian Szpira (drums & vocals)
  • Hometown: Paris, France
  • Label/Management: Greasy Records
  • Official website

Welshly Arms

  • Genre: rock n roll
  • Band members: Sam Getz (electric guitar), Brett Lindemann (keys), Jimmy Weaver (bass), Mikey Gould (drums), Bri (vocals), Jon Bryant (vocals)
  • Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Label/Management: Position Music, Universal Music Group, Budde Talent Agency
  • Official website

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