ADAM ANGST & LEONIDEN ♦ Bei Chéz Heinz ♦ Hannover

Adam Angst at Bei Chéz Heinz, Hannover (2017)

The rock band Adam Angst played an exclusive clubshow at Bei Chéz Heinz in Hannover. Leoniden were support.

  • Location: Bei Chéz Heinz
  • Date: 25. August 2017
  • Promotor: Hannover Concerts


  • Genre: indie rock
  • Band members: Jakob Amr (singing), JP Neumann (bass), Lennart Eicke (guitar), Felix Eicke (drums), Djamin Izadi (synthesizer)
  • Hometown: Kiel, Germany
  • Label/Management: Grand Hotel van Cleef
  • Official website

Adam Angst

  • Genre: rock
  • Band members: Felix Schönfuss (singer), Christian Kruse (bass), Johannes Koster (drums), David Frings (guitar), Roman Hartmann (guitar)
  • Hometown: around Cologne, Germany
  • Label/Management: Grand Hotel van Cleef, Sparta Booking
  • Official website

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